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debbie siebers 6 day express diet He is currently enrolled in a Master of Arts program in writing popular fiction at Seton Hill University.
The diet features a 6 Day Express food plan that comes with the workout program and can be used to supplement the workouts or as an independent diet.
Fitness expert Debbie Siebers created Slim in 6 to reshape your body in six weeks, using a combination of mild resistance training and cardio to slim and strengthen the entire body.
The program emphasizes exercises for the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, three common problem areas for many women dieters.
Day Express Diet Plan serves as the dieting component of Slim in 6, establishing meal guidelines to achieve proper nutrition and weight loss.
Following the diet may accelerate the results of Slim in 6 or assist in weight loss independent of the program.
Plan 1, called Get in the Zone, takes a moderate approach to weight loss, presenting a healthy, balanced diet suitable for new dieters.
Minute, takes dieting to the extreme, providing a highly restrictive diet for those looking to lose weight as quickly as possible, making it ideal prior to photo shoots or bodybuilding competitions.
All three plans restrict calories, with calorie intakes ranging from 1,100 to 1,600 per day.
Each plan restricts calories while stressing high protein and low carbs, attempting to fuel the body with enough nutrients for rapid weight loss.
Day Express Diet Plan teaches not only what to eat but instructs on the proper times to eat, how much to eat and when to work out.
The diet plan also offers additional support through online forums, a motivational calendar, diet tips and detailed nutrition charts and booklets.
Once you quit the program, any lost weight will often return unless you continue to monitor your caloric intake and exercise regime.
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Made popular by its infomercial, Slim in 6 is an exclusive fitness program that guarantees to reshape your body in just six weeks.
The plan claims to help you lose six pounds and six inches in just six days with its detailed meal plan and when used in conjunction with the Slim in 6 fitness videos.
Five workouts, which range from 11 minutes to 60 minutes, target a specific anatomical focus.
From cardio to abs and from toning to flexibility, the Slim in 6 videos can be used by themselves or in combination with some of the shorter duration workouts to create a complete total body workout.
Online access to the Slim in 6 website, a tape measure to track your progress and a calendar to keep you motivated are also included in the program.
Slim in 6 program an effective solution for someone looking to get in shape in a short amount of time and from the comfort of their own home.
I fell off the wagon and decieded to pull out all my old programs and pick one to start with again.
I have many Clients that have gotten great results with this one and love the fact they can stick to it.
I made it until the 5th week and then I got really sick, keeping me from exercising for a week and a half.
Just had a baby and helped tone me up and I lost a lot of inches around the waist, stomach, and butt.
All the videos build on each other, and so after 6 weeks you get a chance to perfect each move.
My body is constantly challenged and muscle continues to tone and I feel stronger everyday.
I hate to exercise but ths regimen was so awesome and really motivated you as well as targeted all problem areas.
So, on the advice of the P90X fitness guide, I began Slim in Six to get ready for the more challenging program.
I have only been using it for a few weeks and already have results, my belly and thighs.
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Flatten and tone your abs, slim your hips and thighs, and firm and lift your butt.
Introduces you to the basic Slim Training moves for burning calories and reshaping your body.
A guidebook that helps you get the most out of your program for your best results.
Find answers, get advice, and connect with friends on our popular Message Boards.
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I purchased Slim In 6 so it is a treat for you to be able to take a look at it beforehand.
The 6 Day Express Diet Plan is what you will be sticking to in order to lose the 6 pounds and 6 inches in 6 days guarantee that Debbie Siebers gives.
The Slim In 6 Meal Plan below is a very good guideline with lots of different options that you can choose from.
The list of food that is in each of these categories is at the very bottom after the schedule.
If you do this workout before bed, then make sure you have a glass of water after finishing.
Without enough water, you risk getting dehydrated while sleeping, which is when you are recovering and getting stronger.
Your evening cup of tea before bed may aid your ability to get to sleep easily after working out.
PM snack, or earlier, so you are done eating for the day within 3 hours of going to sleep.
I created this Slim in 6 UK Reviews site to share with others my experience with Slim in 6 and how it has worked for me.
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You will no longer worry whether to choose Yoga or Pilates as you can now benefit from the best of the two disciplines .
Slim in 6 was developed by Debbie Siebers, a fitness mogul to the stars of Hollywood.
She made her debut by working with the popular Body by Jake brand of fitness products.
Siebers claims hitting the gym for the first time was responsible for her road to renewal.
As she exercised and became more aware of her body, her eating habits began to take shape, too.
She felt better about herself, had more energy, and hence wanted to support those feelings by eating healthier.
Testimonial after testimonial will offer you credible evidence that the Slim in 6 plan does work.
Instead, it requires persistence, consistency, and focus, just like any major change a person wants to achieve.
Average weight loss for the average participant will be a couple pounds a week, and not likely to be 25 pounds in a month as one testimonial claimed.
However, it is always advisable to check with your medical practitioner before engaging in any exercise and diet plan.
Slim Training Band contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.
But there are ways to drop the weight quickly through serious, concentrated effort.
Many of the fitness programs we carry here can help you get relatively quick results that last, particularly if you are willing to put forth some pretty serious effort.
By combining daily exercise with a controlled diet, you too can see faster weight loss results.
The 6 Day Express Diet Plan that comes with the Slim In 6 program is just one example of this.
In order to drop unwanted pounds, you must restrict your caloric intake and increase your daily exercise.
If you have an important event coming up that you want to look your best for, the 6 Day Express Diet Plan is the perfect solution for dropping that extra 5 pounds fast.
Class reunions, weddings, and vacations are all far more enjoyable when you feel good about yourself.
Debbie Siebers developed this program to give you fitness results in a reasonable time frame.
Each workout is about 30 minutes, allowing you to easily fit it into your busy schedule.
For longer term weight loss, the included Nutrition Guide will help you make the proper nutrition choices while achieving your fitness goals.
Chat live with Debbie, plus get amazing peer support and advice from the Slim in 6 experts.
Slim Training Resistance Band contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.
It got me lean, and it kept me that way, without punishing my body with high impact and extreme intensity.
If you commit to it for 6 weeks, I guarantee you will reshape your body, lose fat, gain energy, and build strength and endurance while creating lean, defined muscles.
Debbie thrives on helping motivate people to find discipline, and balance mind, body, and spirit to achieve their healthy living goals.

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